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DNA gender testing on Mondays 8:30-9:30! Reserve your spot!

Same day appointments are sometimes available!

​​​​​​​2D Scans

**Gender is best at 15 weeks and up**

  • 1st trimester or position check, 5 minutes, 1 print

​           (must be in 1st trimester or 36-40 weeks)


  • 2D Limited - 5-10 minutes, gender only, 3 prints


  • 2D Full - 15-20 minutes, gender and detailed anatomy scan

​          This scan will check everything and includes 4D imaging! 

          cd-rom, DVD and 4  prints.  


4D Scans

*****Most 4D scans are done around 27-32 weeks, but can be done at just about any point during the pregnancy.*****

  • 4D Limited - 15-20 minutes, this scan is shorter and is mainly   images of the face and gender, 4 prints, cd-rom, DVD

​       $90.00 

  • 4D Full -  20-30 minutes, gender and detailed anatomy scan, this scan will check everything!  12​ prints, cd-rom, DVD

         ***Eligible to return for quick 2D check once a month  for

                 $30 per scan (1 print, 3 visits maximum)                                          


​Best Deal!!!

  • 2D/4D package - This is a full 2D and full 4D! You must indicate you are getting the package at the initial 2D scan for discount.



$5 off any scan if you check-in on FB and/or tag us on Instagram @babyviewslittlerock!

Special ultrasound discounts when you have your early gender DNA with us!

​Baby   views

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