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shea foster, rdms


All ultrasounds are performed by Shea Foster. She has over 25 years experience in diagnostic obstetrical ultrasound and has been performing 4D ultrasounds since 2003. She has been registered with the ARDMS since 1991 with a specialty in OB/GYN. She and her husband, Jack,  have 3 grown daughters. They love to spend time with their farm animals:  goats, chickens, horses and a mule! 

About Our facility


Baby Views has been performing 4D ultrasounds since 2003. We use state of the art equipment to get the very best image quality. We take time with every scan so parents are able to easily visualize their baby and enjoy their ultrasound. Some babies take some time, or convincing, to wake up!  Located within West Little Rock Women's Center on Highway 10 ( Cantrell Rd.), we are easily accessible to all of greater Arkansas. Family members are always welcome.